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Fire Island


First things first: Take off your watch and throw it into the bay. won't miss it. Time has no meaning on Fire Island. Located just 50 miles from New York City, Fire Island is perhaps the most famous of all gay resorts. Depending on your preference, visit Cherry Grove with its full-service hotel, fine guest houses, restaurants, bars and dance clubs. Or choose Fire Island Pines and its quieter, more intimate residential feel. Regardless of where you stay, you'll think you've entered a different world as soon as you step foot on the Island. Foxes and deer, beach plums and blueberries. Eden and the fruit it bears. Stay up all night and watch the sunrise. Sleep late, lay on the beach, and let yourself go. Push your toes through the warm sand. Close your eyes on a sip of wine. Relax, dine and dance, and indulge yourself. The island is on fire!

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