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Don't let the commercials fool you, Orlando isn't just for kids any more. The theme park capital of America is home to hundreds of restaurants, a broad array of clubs, bars and hotels of every variety. Since Orlando's visitors are international it accommodates to all tastes and with two new gay-oriented resorts in the mix this is especially true for the queer community. Gay-friendly bars, clubs and stores like Pulse, Lava Lounge and Mojo Books are scattered throughout the city offering something to do at every turn. Orlando is also home to the oldest gay community center in Florida and one of the nations most popular gay events.

With a two decade tradition, Gay Days has evolved from a one-day affair into a weeklong celebration attracting more than 135,000 pleasure seekers to more than 40 citywide events. A total vacation experience comprised of various events staged at world famous attractions, gay & lesbian clubs, and unique venues, Gay Days is just one of a million reasons to pack up your bags and head south.

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